Best Restaurants in Marathon

 There’s one question that we get asked more than any other by guests:

“What’s good to eat around here?”

Marathon has a huge selection of great restaurants. Read on to discover some of our favorites that cover a variety of options, from five-star to casual cocktails.

Fine Dining

For a fine dining experience, check out the Lighthouse Grill. Well-known locally as the best 5-star, fine dining with American Cuisine, the dining establishment serves up fresh fish and dinner specials made daily by Chef Mauricio Montes. Lighthouse Grill has great specials, including a free entree on your birthday! Every entree is only $19.95 when diners are seated before 6:30 pm.

Live Like a Local

To live like a local, visit Sparky’s Landing! This favorite hangout of Marathon locals lets people kick back in a relaxed, casual atmosphere and offers a great Happy Hour special, where you can find Key West Pink Shrimp and Wings for as little as 35 cents!

Happy Hour Sunset

To enjoy a happy hour sunset, head over to Lazy Days South, where you’ll find 4-star seating both inside and outside. This fun spot also has plenty of great specials on food and drinks.

Dine on or Cook Fresh Fish

For fresh fish, visit the Brutus Seafood Market & Eatery, which is delicious for lunch, dinner or picking up fresh fish at the market inside the restaurant. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and is known around Marathon for its amazing fish sandwich.

Lobster on the Dock

If you are craving lobster or in a hurry, the Keys Fishery is best known for its Lobster Reuben. It’s also great for grabbing a meal on the go or sitting on the docks to eat. When you order at the window, instead of giving your name, they ask for you to name a TV show, and when they call your show, your food is ready. You can either take your food to the tables surrounding the Fish Market or walk up to the Tiki Bar on stilts. The Bar offers a raw bar with whatever is in season, such as Stone Crab, Tuna Sashimi, Fish Dip or Mussels, and Oysters.

True Italian

For a delicious and affordable taste of Italy, dine at Frank’s Grill, which is owned by Chef Frank and serves authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant is small and quaint with a romantic atmosphere. Reservations should be made before visiting Frank’s, and the restaurant’s lunch deals and dinner specials are among the locals’ favorites.

Home Cooked Dinner

When you want a home-cooked meal, check out Stouts. It is the oldest breakfast restaurant in Marathon and is the epitome of a family-style dinner. They’ve got great breakfast and lunch selections. Note: Stouts is a cash-only restaurant.